This is a short tutorial video to help you install HP 8710/8715 Software and driver by yourself.

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How to replace the printhead

Learn how to replace the printhead

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HP 8600/8610 Printer Wifi Setting

와이파이 타이틀

HP 8600/8610 Printer WiFi Setting 

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How to reset your inkjet printer

잉크젯 프린터 완전 초기화 하는 방법을 안내해드립니다.

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Depleted Message(Reset the Printer)

잉크 카트리지 리셋 방법을 안내해드립니다.
MODEL : HP 8600-8630, HP OFFICEJET 7510

Open the cover

Take out the line from the clip

Push the cartridges

Take out the cartridges

Put the cartridges on the side

Close the Cover

If you see this sign, Press ‘OK’

Press'<-‘ button 4~5 times

Press ‘Support Menu’

Press ‘OK’

Press ‘->’ until you see ‘Ink Initialization Status’

If you see this sign, Press ‘OK’

Press ‘OK’ to change ‘Clear’ to ‘Set’

If it says ‘Set’ go to next Step

Open the cover

Insert the cartridges

Press the cartridges and Adjust lines

** If you are not sure “How to install AIS system” Please watch the video from the following video for more information.

Cover the cover and wait

Printer will print a paper

** If sprinter keeps Aligning,unplug power cable for 20 seconds and replug it back

If you see “Alignment Succesful” then Press “OK”

Your Printer is READY!!

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