InkJoy established in 2009

InkJoy was found in 2009 at 100 sqft office space in LA. Almost nearly 10 years, InkJoy has successfully provide ink & toner, printer & copier for from individual customers to medium size corporation at affordable cost with worry-free, quality service.

Now InkJoy also provide quality marketing materials at lower than online market price with Free shipping/delivery service so our customer can focus on their main projects while all their printing needs are fully taken care of by InkJoy.

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InkJoy is Government Certified Vendor fro LAUSD, SAM, LA County, and more.

  • LA/OC County vendor : #16103801
  • LAUSD Vendor #217818
  • SLB Certified : #3116
  • LSBE Certified : #16103801
  • DUNS : #833254308
  • NAICS : 453210, 325910, 323111, 424120, 811212, 541512, 532420

1. Our Vision

InkJoy’s vision is to expand and act similarly to Amazon as a provider of people’s daily needs. Using our customer network we will differentiate our channels to sell various products while providing our main professional services – office computer/printing services. But, as a way to keep our business personal and relatable, InkJoy will have a focus on small to mid-sized business within Los Angeles and Orange County.

InkJoy, a small business in itself, located in Korea-town, Los Angeles, would like to expand our services not only in Asian communities nearby but also to small & mid-sized mainstream businesses.

2. Our Major Goals

  • Improve internal operations by expanding our employment number and hiring the right people for the right positions. We currently operate with one inventory manager, one marketing & sales manager, one accounting & service manager and one dispatch manager.
  • Improve and analyze financial report to project how to generate and allocate revenue and profit on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • Remain competitive by continually improving our knowledge and skills for existing customers to encourage more referrals and positive feedback.
  • Focus on dealing with potential customers one on one to provide optimum customer care while simultaneously inviting in new customers with social media and email marketing.
  • Find out what our customers want from us, cater to their interests to ensure satisfaction.

3. Our Mission

InkJoy focuses on happiness and satisfaction for its own employees as well as its customers. InkJoy is dedicated to creating a welcoming, uncomplicated, user friendly service for local businesses to experience our quality service by our professional technicians. InkJoy see all staffs, customers and vendors as family members that should gain happiness and satisfaction through InkJoy Network.


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We promise to help our customers achieve their business goals with friendly customer service.

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